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Интервью с Vomepotro,

Cristiano Martinez (vocals / guitar)

"Brazilian band is on Sevared records" - doesn't it sound as sensational as it would be "Brazilian band is on the moon". Anyway let me introduce to you the next heroes from south-american underground scene - VOMEPOTRO. Check out the huge interview with it's mastermind Cristiano Martinez.

Cristiano, greetings from Brutal Carnage Web-Zine! How often do you pay attention towards Eastern Europe? Vomepotro is rather known in our region. Heard about that?

Hello Papa!!!! First of all I'd like to say hell-lo for the " Brutal Carnage Webzine"!!!! We didn´t know about this repercussion of Vomepotro in Russia!!! I´m glad with your words bro!!!! The band needs to show their musick to get more attention and we´re promoting it to the underground press from Europe, North & South America , there´s no specific places to publish the Vomepotro, all the regions have your importance for us of course the things aren´t so easy but let´s trying to do the right thing! Well,  when  death metal fan likes of an band he says about it to your friends and the his name spreads litle by litle, maybe it´s the reason of this small  recognition.

What's new in the Vomepotro camp? Any line-up changes after the «Liturgy Of Dissection» release? Is the current line-up optimal at the moment?

Oh, yeah, we´ve a new bass player in Vomepotro, he´s learning the song to play with us in the gigs as soon as possible!!!!

How does UG-scene take «Liturgy Of Dissection» in whole? Are you satisfied with the reviews among the metal press?

Let´s promoting the album to many people in the scene, specially webzines & mags, they´re the voice of metal, an amazing place to show the band to brutal death metal fans around the world!!! we´ve projecting an possible tour in Europe too...Maybe 2010, there´s no confirmed tour but is a great step to the band, oh yeah, so fas as we know the album goes very well!!!!! We´re reading fine comments!!!

Vomepotro is in fact the first Brazil band signed to Sevared Records. Why did you choose it? How many albums does the contract include?

Well, we keep in touch with Sevared Recs. since the first album of Vomepotro because it distributes cd´s of Obscure Domain Prods. (our first label) in U.S, we were looking for a label to sign and talked with Barret (Sevared´s boss) about this possible release, he was intereseted and now we´re on this sick American company!! Our contract gives support to "Liturgy Of Dissection" but we can work togheter in next album too, by the way, it´s a good label, let´s see what happens in the future.

Speaking of Brazil death metal school usually means traditional sound a la Krisiun, Rebaelliun or Abhorrence. But in case of Vomepotro all stereotypes is mercilessly broken. What did make you to go against the stream, Cristiano? Where is so much brutality in you, man?

It´s hard to say...me and the rest of the band are fans of this kind of the "brazilian way to play death metal" but we have a lot of different influences, I think the Vomepotro sounds like a lethal combination of the brutal death metal (U.S) with elements of the brazilian brutal death metal, I´m sure we can hear this musician elements in our guitar solos, it´s very popular in bands coming from here.

It seems to me Vomepotro has a Colombian sound influence. Was this effect done specially or undeliberately?

Do you think? I don´t know... We hear many bands from thrash to death metal old scholl and of course the brutal death metal and these influences give us the ideas to de-compose the riffs, beats and more... I guess the scene from Colombia is pretty cool!!!! Great bands and underground fans too everywhere!!!!

Your album is the convincing example that there's no problem with quality studios and capable sound engineers in Brazil. What was the grand total you spent to record «Liturgy Of Dissection»? Did you pay yourself the whole price for the recording?

Good hear it from you Papa!!!! No, we record the album in the home studio of a great friend!!! We don´t pay to make it but the "Liturgy Of Dissection" would not have been possible without his support and of course I don´t to forget to say the  artwork of Jon Zig was paid by Sevared Recs.

Cristiano, are you satisfied the way «Liturgy Of Dissection» sounds? Wanna something to change or to make corrections?

There´s no musician 100% satisfied with your album, I´m sure "Liturgy Of Dissection" is very better than our first full-lenght, anyway I think the band will change in the next album, we want an recording still more professional, maybe to get more support to excrete a foetus more repulsive!!! Hehehehehe!!!

We didn´t change any guitar riff, beat or lyric...everything sounds sick to our ears.

I'm sure Vomepotro is definitely writing stuff for the next album. Any thoughts in this regard? What should your fans expect from you hereafter?

Oh, yeah, let´s start the compositions soon, I have the next album totally ready in the guitars, what can i say to our fans???  So, if you liked of "Liturgy Of  Dissection" I´m sure you´re going to love the third full-lenght of Vomepotro!!!!! Expect...the best has yet to come!!!!

Have you got your own merch? Who does produce it and where can we buy it?

Yeah, we did it ourselves, the oficial t-shirst of Vomepotro will be ready in the next weeks , it´s gonna be available in all the sizes however i think the t-shirts of Vomepotro must be in the plans of  Sevared Records too...

Several years ago it is rumored that Vomepotro and Russian label Blacksmith were about to sign a contract. What did prevent you from making it happen?

I will never forget the support of Blacksmith to the Vomepotro!!! I remember the Obscure Domain Prods. from Germany has done a great purpose for us before the Blacksmith, when it happened we had signed the contract with the guys and would be impossible release the same album via Blackmith, we have a great admiration for the interest of them in the band!!!!

What can you tell us about Vomepotro gigs? How often do you manage to hit the stage? Have you ever been outside of Brazil? What are the bands you've shared the stage with?

Good question!!!! We´re playing in brazil at the moment, promoting the band to the brazilian metal public, we´ve shared the stage with local bands from the places where we played however there´s an possibility to tour in europe/2010, it´s not confirmed but let´s trying to realize this project, would be crazy to perform in Russia too!!!!

When Krisiun was in Russia, they refused to perform because of the stage that was too small and in addition equipped with strippers' poles. I hope, Vomepotro isn't so captious, is it? What are your conditions to hit the road?

Well, I didn´t know about this problem in Krisiun´s gig however we just need good equipment to show our musick with quality, a place to rest and feeding....Oh, yeah...Beers too!!! Hehehe!!!

Does the audience in Brazil support local bands gladly or it is needed to place a famous band name on a poster to attract attention?

It´s complicated bro, of course we have good places to play but when you´re confirmed in a gig near of a great metal band you attract more attention!!!!

Nowadays there's a brutal explosion of slam death metal raging in USA and Europe. Does the waves of this tsunami reach the shores of Brazil? Is there a wish to add some slam elements in the Vomepotro sound?

No, maybe in one song or other but our style is more extreme, we love the bands that play this kind of death metal, so far as we know it´s very popular in US too howerer Vomepotro has compromise with their roots!!! We´re looking for our own way to play death metal.

Cristiano, are you looking over the world UG-scene intently? What is your recent TOP-5?

Hard question!!! Let´s go...

Putrid Pile - House Of Dementia
Abominable Putridity - In The End Of Human Existence
Devourment - Unleash The Carnivore
Suffocation - Blood Oath
Severed Savior - Servile Insurrection

From what I know, Brazil is a real paradise: the sun, palms, the ocean, juicy fruits, hot chicks. How do you manage to make brutal music in such inappropriate conditions?

Well, we love the country where we live of course it´s different because we have shits such as "Carnaval & Samba" but the Brazil is a good place to live and it has an powerful metal scene, nothing compares with Europe or North America but I like to speak Portuguese!!! Hehehehehe!!! The culinary from Brazil is amazing bro, many kinds of food around the country.

What about travelling to Siberia? Are you ready to find yourself in a snowy winter and drink vodka in a company of bears when it's 45° below zero?

Hehehehehehehehehehe!!! I don´t know... if the bears like of the vomepotro´s musick, let´s go!!!!

What can you tell about Russian metal scene? Have you ever heard any Russian death metal bands? 

Pretty very cool!!! I know you have a lot of great bands & underground press!!!! I love Abominable Putrid bro!!!! They´re totally sick!!!!! I know other intense band called Barbarity (hail Anatoly).

What did you music career start with, Cristiano? How long have you played guitar? Any side-projects besides Vomepotro?

I play guitar since I was an adolescent (14 years old), my intention to play in a heavy metal band has been natural because I´ve listen heavy metal with my friends... No, no... I don´t have side-projects, by the way, I´m very busy in my job and Vomepotro has priority!!!!

Your neighbors Rebaelliun in attempt to reach success decided to move to Europe. Is such choise acceptable to you? Can you abandon everything and move across the ocean?

That´s right!!!!! I love my country man but would be cool to live in Europe, it´s not so easy...Maybe one dream...I don´t know...Why not??

I found the cd of Corporal Sores in the promo packet you had sent me. It means the statement «support the UG-scene» isn't an empty words for you, doesn't it?

That´s right!!!! Let´s support the scene!!! True bands, mags & webzines deserve support!!!!

How are things going in the Brazil underground at the moment? I hope, good ol' days didn't fall in the nineties irretrievably?

Cristiano: everything goes well bro but i would like the things change in the brazilian underground!!!! Unfortunately, lack of support is the most sad problem to people like us, sometimes is very hard to keep a brutal band alive!!! I´m not pessimist because I still believe in winds of change!! Let´s see what happens...

Does the image of brutal man put pressure above you in the daily life? Do you prefer to stand firm or to find a compromise? Is it easy to drive you crazy?

No, I´m good boy...Hehehehe!!! However things like falseness, hypocrisy and envy drives me crazy!!!

I would like to live my life without compromises but it´s impossivel, then we need to accept it.

What are your hobbies besides music?

Play football, watch horror movies... Hahaha (we love it) make sex with dead women...Hahahahaha (I´m kidding) buy cd´s from bands we like, travel to the beach & drink beers with our friends and hear metal ...it´s so hard to say bro...many thing to do. 

What do members of Vomepotro do for a living? What part of your earnings do you spend in order to expand Vomepotro?

We have our jobs as well as the normal people have yours, week after week working to pay their imposts!!! It´s hard to say about it, I don´t know...We invest how much we can!!!! Sometimes we haven´t money to do it but everything is done inside the budget from each one.

Have you got some advices for a neophyte death metal musicians?

Fight for what you believe with honesty, humility and the things happen!!!!

Your message to the Russian fans of Vomepotro.

Thank you so much brothers!!!!! We hope to play in Russia someday and make new friends!!!

Thanks for answering my questions, Cristiano! I wish you luck and prosperity. Stay always brutal, bro!

Cristiano: thanks Papa!!!! It´s a pleasure to be in BRUTAL CARNAGE pages!!!!!! I loved to answer the questions!!!! For more information about Vomepotro visit us at:





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