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Malignancy всё ещё на ходу потому, что я ещё здесь!

Интервью с Malignancy,

Danny Nelson (Vocals)

Asel our tireless correspondent makes all of BCwz-readers happy again with a new interview. This time her interviewee was Danny Nelson from brutal death metal band Malignancy. He was so much fascinated by the conversation and didn't notice that "Eugenics" master CD had been stolen and leaked. Some of our subscribers have already listened to it, some of them are still waiting for release patiently but all of them will be interested to read this dialog.

Hi Danny! Finally, I had the chance to interview you! Thank you for that!

No problem Asel, thanks for the interview.

Well, a long-awaited "Eugenics" will be released very soon. 5 years of waiting for all your fans! Tell me how you did you work on this album?

It took us about one year to completely write "Eugenics". We rehearsed the songs for a long time. We played a few at shows as well. Once we were comfortable we entered the studio to track the album.

By the way, why "Eugenics"? In general, the so-called selection of people is a very interesting theme.... In conception of album, what direction of eugenics do you want to say about - positive or negative?

Eugenics can be positive or negative. In the past it has been used in a negative way. "Eugenics" is a concept album, our first. I wanted to try doing one to see if we could. It turned out awesome.

Is it possible to say that all songs on a new album are bound up by single conception, general idea? Or each song is an individual story?

All the songs tell one story. I really would rather not give away the whole story. It is set in the near future, with a group of people from all walks of life, trying to survive together. It has some twists and turns along the way.

I want to talk a little bit about those two tracks that have already been uploaded by you on the court of listeners. These songs are "Type Zero Civilization" and "Cataclysmic Euphoria".  You said that the recording the new tunes with a click track was a totally new experience for you. Did it influence, in your opinion, on sound??  Because it's possible to notice that sounding on a new album differs from that you did before. Even your vox sounds quite othergates! :) But I'm certainly not saying that it's bad!

The click tracks made us play with more precision, it was a good thing for this album. My vocal approach is a little different on this album but I still maintain my brutality. I wanted to mix it up a little bit. I have always had high screams on the other albums but I wanted to use them in a way I never did before. 

Let's talk about the cover of the new CD. It displays a mutated man standing next to the abandoned reactor, or something like that. :) And, in addition to everything, there is a sign of radiation infection on a cover.  So, tell me more about this picture and its idea.

It is Eugenics, or the aftermath of a Eugenics experiment. We wanted to go with a less gory cover, we felt it was not necessary this time around. So many death metal bands have gory covers and it didn't really fit for this album. There was a first cover that we rejected because it was not my vision of what the cover should look like. 

I know that Justin Osbourn from Slasher Designs made this artwork. Why did you choose exactly him for the design of your new release?

He came highly recommended by Aborted. They had used him for their EP and said he was great to work with. He was very easy to work with, very talented. He gave us that vintage metal album cover look we wanted. It reminds me of old Ed Repka works. 

Last summer, you were part of a tour "Containment Breach Europe 2012" with the guys from Cephalic Impurity and passed almost all Europe, and performed at several major festivals. What impressions do you have from a journey?

We had a blast. The guys in Cephalic Impurity were awesome, we had fun with them. The tour as a whole was a great time and we got to play some really killer shows. 

I would like to know why on the European shows people didn't see Roger Beaujard? And absent of Mike Heller was apparently due to his participation in Fear Factory?

Yes Mike was on the road with Fear Factory and Roger had some family issues and could not make the tour. 

Danny, how do you think where are you more commonly know - in the USA or outside? If to think globally and don't even take into account all of your friends and acquaintances.

We have friends all over the world thanks to the band. Every time we play a new place we make new fans and friends. It is one of the great experiences I have had in the band. 

Actually, I should give you credit - you are just fucking amazing band! Listening your music, you might think that not a single riff is repeated more than 3-4 times - it's just killer! And in addition to this entire musical constituent, your lyrics are simply outstanding! What do you think, what else making you different from the heap of other bands?

Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated. Perhaps our sound differs from other bands because we have been around a long time. Each member comes from different backgrounds in music. It is the key to trying to produce an original sound. 

However, I would say that one band at the moment is similar in some ways with you - it's Wormed. Hehe, in my opinion. Do you like this band?

Wormed is awesome, we toured with them back in 2005. I think Wormed has carved out a style all their own. I do not hear any Malignancy style in there, maybe a little bit. Hhaha. They are a great band period. 

If I'm not mistaken, this year Malignancy celebrates 20 years. Very solidly. You're the only current member of a band, which plays here practically since its founding. Looking back, how do you think what was the reason that the band exists already for two decades?

Malignancy is still around because I don't quite, haha. When I started the band in 1992, with some friends, I never imagined it would stand the test of time. 

And a question: can you name us a certain date, which may be considered like the official birthday of Malignancy?  If you remember it, of course. :)

February 14, 1992, Valentine's Day. 

Remember, we have talked about shooting videos? I have asked, why do you have only one video - «Cross Species Transmutation». You said that it's not so important for you, but maybe you will do something for the new album. So what? :) Will we see a new video clip?

Videos are not on our top ten things to do but we have considered doing a video for "Eugenics". Unfortunately we cannot plan that until our drummer, Mike, comes back from the road. By then the album will be out so I do not know if we will even get a chance. 

Oh yeah, I would like to ask how you and Ron got into the movie "Death Metal: A Documentary" (2003)? Bill Zebub  personally invited you for a shooting?

The interview we did with Bill was at Suffocation's first show back. It was shot in the basement of a club Connections in New Jersey.

Is it a true, that you are interested about sharks? :) What is so attractive in them? Intellect? Speed? Or the fact that they have an Intrauterine Cannibalism sometimes?! :D lol

Sharks have always interested me. They are the apex predator in the ocean and have no natural enemies, except man. Sharks are amazing creatures.

What else can you call your hobbies? As I remember, you collect various toys? Robots, figurines of cartoon heroes.

I am a collector indeed. I have lots of interests. Comic books, toys, LPs, artwork, etc. 

Well, what are the subsequent plans after "Eugenics" release?? Do you plan a large tour? And, nevertheless, we all need to hope that you at last will reach to such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and etc. :)

There are no definite plans to tour extensively yet. Returning to Europe early next year hopefully. Nothing set for the US either. We are just playing any many shows in area that we can. Possibly going to Mexico in February or March.

And, in conclusion, say something to all your fans from the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and, in particular, to all readers of Brutal Carnage Webzine.

Thanks to all the fans for your support!! Hope to get out there and play sometime soon. Stay Malignant and buy "Eugenics"!!!

Вопросы—Asel Ayazbaeva


Crushed Smelly, 2012-09-24 01:05:44
Отлично, отлично
Kelzo, 2012-09-22 11:13:56
Отлично, спасибо за интервью))
chemgerr, 2012-09-21 16:34:56
Спасибо, Асель, за интервью! это круто!))
F!$her, 2012-09-21 11:43:30
Молодец, Аселя! Так держать)
Asel, 2012-09-21 11:35:07
"неутомимая" )))))))))))
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