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Интервью с Big End Bolt,

Igor (vocal)

Our brutal lady Asel just made recently the interview with the frontman of Big End Bolt - Igor, who was very pleasant and totally answered all our questions, first of all about what's happening to his other band Katalepsy.

Papa Vader / BCwz editor-in-chief

Hey Igor! Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to talk with you!

Hello, Asel! Greetings to all readers of Brutal Carnage Webzine!  I'll be glad to answer any of your questions.

And of course, I cannot ignore the fact that you became the new vocalist of great KATALEPSY, the band which I refer to the elite, the veterans of Russian UG brutal scene! What did you feel when you came into this band?

Believe you or not, but I would never have agreed to join the band just because of its previous achievements or popularity.  Of course, I realize that this is a band of completely different level than all the others which I participated earlier. But in the end, I was pleased that KATALEPSY actively engaged in concert activities, paying great attention to their shows and, most importantly, make good music.

How did all this started to happen? Who invited you to take this place?

Early August 2011 I received a message from Anatoly (KATALEPSY bassist) with a surprising offer - take a vacant place of the vocalist. I remember that I didn't even know what to say because I never thought to participate in any other groups except BIG END BOLT. Moreover, at that time I was actively engaged in preparing BIG END BOLT's debut album and all of my thoughts were about it. But, the proposal has been received and it was necessary to give an answer. I did not hurry. I listened all their records, watched live videos of different years and, thinking about all advantages and disadvantages, I offered Anatoly to rehearse a few times to check whether band and I can work together. Frankly, my final decision was largely influenced by listening to new material which is only prepared to record at that moment.

Did you have thoughts that you would compared with Mirus, for example? However, although for me, your vocal style is different.

Of course, they will compare. There's no way without it. Ruslan is a cool vocalist. He's very active and charismatic frontman. The band has achieved worldwide recognition with him. Fans love him and many of them don't represent the band without him. But, honestly, I don't bother about the comparisons and similar nonsense. The main thing is, despite the change of the line-up, KATALEPSY exists and continues to work and grow.

Let's talk about a new album, already with your participation. A year ago it became known all that KATALEPSY signed a contract with Unique Leader Records, also was been said that band will start writing new material and will release a second full-length album in 2012. What can you say about it?

The question about the new release is definitely the most frequently asked recently. To clarify the situation I'll say that the album called "Autopsychosis" is fully recorded and now it is mixing and mastering by a magician and master of this stuff - Arkadiy Navaho. CD artwork that made by maestro Vladimir Smerdulak is already done. Release date will be known only after all materials will be sent over to Unique Leader Records. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that especially for the Russian audience our own record label Soulflesh Collector Records will release the album in a special version: in an exclusive package Digislider Plus with additional bonuses and gifts.

And what are the general plans of KATALEPSY for the nearest time? Should we expect any surprises from you?

We're now actively engaged in working off a new concert program which will be presented after the release. We're planning to make a concert tour in Russia and Europe. Definitely, you can expect some surprises!

Now let's talk about your own brutal formation BIG END BOLT. As far as I know, you were one of the founders of this band. Tell me about the beginning of creative way of this group.

More exactly, I'm the only founder of this group. The history of BIG END BOLT started a long time ago. Initially it was a one-man project where I have embodied all my ideas. In 2004, I even recorded a demo which was not made available to the public because of its bad production. As a band BIG END BOLT started to form in late 2007. That's when, quite by accident, I met a drummer, Vladimir, and all started to happen. In middle 2008, band has a full line-up. By the way, except for the drummer who left the group because of the family circumstances, all the other musicians are in the band today. September 12, 2011 on the Russian label Coyote Records was been released our debut full-length album, "Mechanical Race Creation". We are writing the material for second full-length album right now.

Igor, how would you describe the style of BIG END BOLT? They all say "Brutal Death Metal", but I think that this is a generalized definition. Perhaps, any Slamming DM band can be called Brutal DM band. Certainly, there are some interesting groovy moments in BIG END BOLT's music stuff. Or are you just don't bother about it?

We don't bother about it. I really never understood why people try to excogitate some strange and even irrelevant tags. The concept of Death Metal is so broad and flexible that is more than sufficient in itself. We're the musicians and we do what we like to do. We don't really care about some exotic style names. And yes, it's absolutely true that we try to focus not only on the brutality and technicality, but on a dynamic groove, too. This is the element which our band just never give up.

As you said before, a band works with new material. I would like to get more information.

Yeah, like I said, work on the new album is in full swing. At the moment, half of the material is written. I'm not ready to tell you everything yet, but one thing I can say for sure - this album definitely will interest all those who didn't remain indifferent after listening of "Mechanical Race Creation". Well, maybe there will be a little less of technical stuff.

I know that this album was released by two labels jointly. These labels are Coyote Records and Sevared Records. Are there some differences for the band in that case?

The fact that the album is distributed by the American Sevared Records and a German Twilight Distribution, we're obliged only to Dmitriy (owner of Coyote Records), who, as an experienced owner of the label, has a fairly good contacts and distribution abroad. Of course, there are good sides in this approach. It's much more convenient to foreign listeners to order the CD through the local labels rather than Russia's Coyote Records. Quite simply, there is much less troubles with the shipment. I recently talked on Facebook with one guy from Latin America, who easily ordered the album through Sevared Records and was very pleased with the possibility of such order.

What's your admit on the West? Are your CD's and merchandise sell good abroad?

You know... I surprised, but we are admitted very well. A lot of people from around the world get in touch to share their positive impressions after listening to the album. We really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I cannot give you accurate figures of sales, but now the foreigners are increasingly turning to the band to get an album or merchandise - it's a fact.

Also, I would like to know your opinion about all this situation with CD trade.  Sales are falling, more and more people just download for free music from the Internet, not even for in acquainting aims. What do you think?

I think that progress will soon take its toll and all will go to the Internet, with its ability to download tracks for the money. CDs and vinyl, of course, remain, but will be released in limited editions for the true fans and collectors.

Some people say that the cover art of Mechanical Race Creation, subtly recalls some scenes from Quake 4 game. It's just a coincidence?

I don't really understand what you are talking about because I'm not a gamer. And I'm sure that DaeMorph, an author of this cover, is also not a gamer. So let it be "coincidence". Hmm, it's probably really brutal game if there's something similar to the picture of "Mechanical Race Creation" front cover... ha-ha

You have two video clips on tracks Grip Vice Torture and Power-Driven Surgeon.  Not bad for Russian underground brutal death band, are you satisfied with the done work?

Very satisfied! These clips have been an experiment for us and, I think, successful experiment. I especially like the trash-turned bloody action "Power-Driven Surgeon". It was  lot of fun and curiosities on the set. Take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the author and creator of many of the ideas of these video clips - Anton Kobedinov.

Igor, you're the frontman of two bands - how do you manage to give it both an equal amount of attention? And now even more so, because both bands are going to release something new this year.

I just really love music (death metal in particular) and I can't imagine my existence without it. BIG END BOLT and KATALEPSY are two totally different bands with different sound and approach to their material. But they share one thing - the desire to make quality, interesting music. And I'm very happy to be part of it. And about an equal amount of attention... I must carefully plan my time and sometimes give up something in favor of the bands.

Which latest death metal albums are impressed you? Or, maybe, something from other genres, Kreator have released good album, for example.

Yes, the new album of KREATOR is simply incomparable - very qualitative and "catchy" release. Also I was very pleased with TREPALIUM, AMON, HOUR OF PENANCE, KRAANIUM and DYING FETUS releases. I look forward to the release of new TESTAMENT and CRYPTOPSY. And I want to mention a new work of German hardcore guys FINAL PRAYER.

Do you have some other dreams and purposes related to your musical activity that you would like to implement?

I would like to release many albums. And there is still a crazy dream - to perform with shows in the New World.

And finally, say something to all readers of Brutal Carnage Webzine \m/

First of all, my congratulations to editors and readers of BCWZ to the past sixth anniversary! I wish you prosperity and a huge amount of good news. Listen to the good music! Go to the live shows! Support brutal UG scene! Thanks to all for your attention, see you soon!

Вопросы—Asel Ayazbaeva


resurgam, 2012-07-11 15:01:19
danke schon
gridlockmute, 2012-07-01 12:59:02
Креатор охуенен, да - это если без пизды. Криптопси и я жду
Игорь, будь здоров
Rich, 2012-07-01 05:33:07
Новое интервью на этом сайте - всегда как бальзам на душу :)
Kelzo, 2012-06-30 10:19:22
Отличное интервью, многое узнал.
В очередной раз хочу поблагодарить тех, кто этим занимается)
Ebogach, 2012-06-30 09:58:22
Асель, как всегда, на высоте. :)
chemgerr, 2012-06-30 09:46:30
интервью как всегда на высоте! столько инфы - и не знал что Katalepsy до Юник Лидера добрались, и новый альбум Биг & Болт - это круто.
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