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Интервью с Abysmal Torment,

David Depasquale (guitar)

Fresh addition in BCwz crew - the brutal lady Asel Ayazbaeva have a first experience on the pages of BCwz. Just check out her interview with David Depasquale of maltese Abysmal Torment below and brutally enjoy...

Papa Vader / the chief-editor of BCwz

Hello David! Thank u again for that u agreed to answer my questions.

The pleasure's all mine, glad to be part of this interview.

Let's talk about the renewed line-up of Abysmal Torment: as we know, in this year to Abysmal Torment was joined two new members Kurt Pace и Melchior Borg... How did they come in band? And what were you oriented on at the choice of new musicians?

The first new member was Melchior Borg who joined the band on vocals. Due to artistic differences the other vocalist had to leave the band and we felt that Melchior would be the perfect replacement. As for Kurt Pace, the new guitarist in the band, we all decided that we needed a heavier and fuller sound in our music by adding another guitar.

So, Gordon Formosa left the band due to artistic differences... and, do u have any relationship with him now?

Yes of course, the fact that he left didn't effect our friendship at all, even with the other band members. In fact he attended an Abysmal Torment gig in Malta a couple of weeks ago and we hung out after and had about a thousand beers.

By the way, we're commiserate to you, concerning death of your former drummer Wayne Wella, he was one of the most talented musicians of Malta.

Yes he was a great drummer,  we had an amazing chemistry both in music and in friendship. It was a hard blow to accept the fact that we had lost a friend and a great talent such as Wayne. He is still sorely missed and thought of everyday.

You're until now cooperate with Brutal Bands label. What can you say about it?? This label in fact did much for advancement of Abysmal Torment...

Yeah, Brutal Bands did a lot of work for Abysmal Torment. We never had any complaints about them. They always treated us fairly and pushed us in the right direction.

We can rejoice for Abysmal Torment - a band exists already more than 10 years... and you are still competitive.

Abysmal Torment was always a band that had members that pushed themselves to become better individually and as a band. The fact we've been together 10 years doesn't change anything, apart from the fact that now we have much more experience which obviously it effects our music in a good way. We always strive to be heavier and more extreme.

You are confirmed on Neurotic Death Fest 2012 in Holland... you will share the stage with such monsters of the brutal stage as Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Napalm Death, Suffocation and many others...  How do u feel about it???

For me it's awesome. We already shared the stage with Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation in other festivals and it obviously it was amazing. For Neurotic Death Fest we're really looking forward to Behemoth, since we never played with them or saw them live. But yeah the whole Neurotic line up is explosive.

At the beginning of this year you visited Russia...  What memories of touring with Cephalic Impurity do you have? Which cities did u like more others?

The Russian tour was amazing. Cephalic Impurity are an awesome band and they're great guys and they helped a lot with translating shit. All the cities that we played in where all awesome and the crowd response was always beyond expectations. That made each city equally as good as the one before it. We would be more than honored to brutally rock Russia again.

And in general, what can you say about the Russian brutal stage and, certainly, about the Russian fans?

As I said before, the fans were awesome. They always went nuts in every gig and always welcomed us with open arms. Good energy, good vibes. We played with a lot of good bands. I think the scene in Russia is pretty strong and has a lot of potential.

And also, I'm very interesting why Abysmal Torment has not an official video clips?? for me video seems as important part of grant of musical material to the listeners.

Actually we're in the process of creating our first official video, and it's going to feature one of the songs on our upcoming album. We know that a video is really important for a band. This is the right time for us to make a video.

David, I think next question will be one of most actual: when will we hear a new album???? Since producing "Omnicide" passed already almost 3 years...

It will be out next year for sure. It is going to be worth the wait. We put a lot of effort in this album, prepare to be obliterated!

What we need to expect from a new album?

This album is going to be our heaviest material yet. It's what we usually do but more extreme. It's going to be 13 tracks off heavy music with really big balls hehe.

Who does create ideas for your covers?

Normally we come up with the ideas, then we choose the best ones, then we send the ideas to whoever designer is working on the cover art.

For me Interesting to know about Malta.  What can you say now about the level of the Maltese brutal stage?? What was he and what became nhttp://bcwz.ru/backend/interviews/addow? Besides your band I know also Beheaded, Ktinodia, Stench of Necropsy and a few other bands.

As you might know, Malta is a really small island. It has the population of about 400,000 people. So you can imagine that the metal scene is a bit small. Musicianship in Malta in all genres is very strong though. When it comes to the brutal scene, there like 10 bands in all who play death metal. Although that's very few bands, they all have good material, and I think that is the most important thing.

And what do you now prefer to listen?? Maybe, you opened for itself some new genres... bands?

Well I listen to all the genres, as long as it makes me want to break something. I like music when it's tense. I can't really mention any particular bands or names because there are many. But when it comes to genre, it's mainly metal, then there is some hip hop that I like (not the commercial shitty shit), even like hard techno, drum n bass, dub step and so on. Although the dub step thing is getting a bit annoying. And I'm a producer, I have a recording studio, so I have to listen to all kinds of things to know what things should sound like. All in all I'm pretty and open minded person about music.

What do you like to do in the spare time beside music??

Music( he he). I'm all about music. For me music is my job, my hobby and so on, so most of the time is spent on that. Obviously I stay with my family as well. And when I'm done with those I go out and drink loads of vodka.

By the way, you have very nice dog Ruby? How old is she?

She is 10 months old. She a mix between Black german shepherd and alaskan malamute she's an awesome dog I think I will breed her and keep 2 of the puppies.

Do u have favorite guitar players?? That is ideal for you.

My favorite guitar player has to be Dimebag Darrell. The stuff he did was always amazing for me. He had those kind of riffs that made you want to punch babies.

What do you want to say to all fans of Abysmal Torment from Russia and other countries of CIS??  Maybe congratulating on coming New Year.

We are grateful to have russian fans, especially after the tour. You guys are fucking great and we'll be back for sure. I hope you all have a nice, healthy and safe New Year. It's time for some vodka.

It was cool to talk with you ))

Same here, I enjoyed this interview; keep up the good work with Brutal Carnage Webzine.


Вопросы—Asel Ayazbaeva


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