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Интервью с Abaddon Incarnate,

Steve Maher (guitar, vocals)

Digging out some old shit in editorial garbage box I found the lost interview with Irish grinders ABADDON INCARNATE. Better is late, than never. So you can finally check out this stuff...

Greetings from Brutal Carnage Web-zine, Steve! How are you doing? Are you ready to answer some of my questions?

How are you Papa Vader, I'm feeling pretty deadly at the moment, and yeah I'm ready to answer your questions.

Alright then, let's get to the point! Is there any news from the ABADDON INCARNATE camp after the New Year? Was the last Christmas really merry for all of you? Does Santa visit your area without fear of getting his ass kicked by drunken Irish headbangers?

I don't worship xmas, it's a xtian festival, I spent the week before xmas climbing mountains in Scotland. I like to get away from all the consumer bullshit around xmas time. Santa doesn't visit my house because there are no children here, he's just a fairytale to install false hopes and greedy consumerism in small children. Seriously though, In the band we played our new year show here in Dublin, we created a mosh with our music, heads banged, beer was drunk. We are writing new songs for our forthcoming split 7" with "Phobia" on "underground movement" records, and planning our European shows for the summer.

Your latest full-length album, «Cascade», was released about half year ago. From my point of view, it differs from your previous releases by sound and style both. Does the grindcore part completely dominate in the ABADDON INCARNATE sound at the moment?

No, we are primarily a death metal band, but of course we are just so brutal and aggressive it ends up sounding like grindcore, which in itself gives rise to something individual and unique. We have different influences individually; I listen to grind shit like terrorizor and napalm death but also some digital death metal like luciferion, morbid angel, deicide and nile so it all melts together like some chaotic noise.

What did influence you to choose so ambiguous and highly artistic cover for the «Cascade» album?

We had the first song on the cd "Strappado" and before we got the record deal with metal age productions we were supposed to self-release a 5 song EP using that title, so we searched for a picture on the internet and we found the art which was painted by a Russian guy actually, Nicolay Bessanov.

Strappado was  a torture that the Christians used against heretics during the inquisition, the song is about the conflict between old paganism and the new church, it's a discussion between a torturer and a witch, where he hangs a witch out of the ceiling by her arms tied behind her back until she confesses and wants to be a Christian again. But the witch is a stubborn and tells the inquisitor to stick his christian-insanity up his arse and is unrepentant becoming a kind of pagan matyr.

How did the idea to play grindcore wish such band name as ABADDON INCARNATE come into your mind?

Many years ago we had a brainstorm session to create the band name, we had something like 50 names on a piece of paper, and Abaddon Incarnate was the one we all felt happiest with, We always were a death metal band and when we picked the name we were playing stuff like malevolent creation, morbid angel, deicide, so you can see why we have such a huge fancy death metal name.

All your albums were released on different labels. What are the reasons for such an inconstancy?

We felt we weren't looked after by our first label as much as we would have liked because after our CD came out he signed Norwegian black metal superstars "Mayhem" and it was hard to get any attention from the label boss so we decided to sign with a Irish label to keep things local and for easier communication, however after the release of "nadir" ( our second CD ), they opened up a shop in Dublin and hadn't got the money to release cds because they have so much rent, so we signed with Dave Rottens xtreme label, we felt that he didn't really promote our shit as well as we would have liked so we then signed to Metal Age.. Maybe we have commitment issues haha

How many albums are stated in your contract with Metal Age productions? Are you satisfied with the realization and promotion of «Cascade» provided by this label?

We are happy with metal age at the moment, the nature of the music business is changed and I don't understand a lot of the new mediums, mp3 etc but our shit is selling and the label is happy so that's a good sign. We are signed for 3 albums so we will do two more in our current contract,

In due time, «The Dark Crusade» was an important step forward for your band. Exactly because of this album ABADDON INCARNATE became well known in Europe, even in Russia. Do you agree this album was a turning point? Why did you break off with Xtreem Music?

Like I said, we were not happy with Xtreme's promotion, but you know, Dave Rotten is a great guy but we didn't agree on stuff so best idea was to separate and go our own directions. I think the first release "The last supper" was the CD that got us well known everywhere, It was the best selling and also on the biggest label ( seasons of mist) with biggest promotion. "Dark Crusade" was a very rushed and difficult album. We had a new drummer who insisted on rehearsing 40 miles away so everybody had to travel 2 hours to get to his rehearsal space, also Bills father died when we were writing the album, all the songs were written in six months and you can tell when you listen they are very simple songs. It's my least favourite of all our releases but I still think its killer, there are some classic songs on it for example, "Hour of the Dog" and "Kandarian Odyssey"  Also what is different with Dark crusade is we tried to get a clean sound in the studio like "Hate Eternal" or some gay shit like that, whereas with all our other albums we tried to be filthy and have a nasty sound

How did you manage to sign with Season of Mist at the beginning of your career?

Well I played in a Celtic black/ gothic style band called Geasa, www.myspace.com/geasa ( not any more ) as a side project. They got signed to SOM and I was the main negotiator in that deal so I sent the label boss out 2 track promo tape "Aeons of us Rising" 1997. He thought it was killer and signed Abaddon Incarnate as well.

OK, fellow, could you tell us about the recording process of «Cascade»? How long were you at the studio? Whom did you work with? Satisfied with the outcome?

We recorded in our home town in Dublin in a studio called Trackmix. We are quite happy with the sound but the engineer made some mastering fuck ups which you may or may not hear on the CD and also I feel the drums are over produced, but I like the guitar tone. I think we were there 15 days. Although it was a professional enough set up, we won't be using that studio again. I found The engineer is restrictive; he does not allow too much creativity so everything becomes very mechanical. I wanted to experiment a bit but he was lazy and couldn't be arsed. We hopefully will go to somewhere in Cz republic or Slovakia to record next. Im looking for a raw bestial nasty nightmare production somewhere between nadir and the last supper.

In spite of considerable remoteness you went to Soundlab Studio in Sweden earlier. What forced you to travel for a such big distance? Was it because of your friendship with Mieszko Talarczyk?

All the studios in Ireland at the time ( and still do ) have no concept of recording loud nasty music, so obviously when we heard that the guy from NASUM has his own studio and recoded all the NASUM, GENOCIDE SS, SKITSYSTEM, REGURGITATE material we decided to go over there. Nice country Sweden.

Do you often hit the road in Europe? Any chance to see you this summer? Gonna take part in any European Fests?

I don't think we will do any fests this year, last summer we played Caos emegenate Portugal, Obscene extreme Cz republic. This summer we should be touring, we are negotiating with promoters at the moment. Also we are negotiating with fests for 2011. In the past weve played Spain, Portugal, france, UK, Germany, Cz republic and Switzerland and Australia. Do  you know anyone in Russia who wants to book us for some shows?

I suppose, the Irish extreme scene is not so big. What are the bands you share the stage with? Do you support each other?

There is a healthy death metal scene here. Top of the pack is Putrefy and Morphosis, then check out skewered, nephridum, warpath,  if you like grind and crust check out revolution of a sun, Ill eat your face. Yeah we all play together at gigs and were all friends.

Your neighbours Putrefy are well-known now in brutal society. What do you think about their music?

They are fucking heavy brutal bastards, they are commited professional die hard, they are also amazing friends and long time colleagues in Irish death metal, and they are probably the second oldest band in Ireland after "Morphosis" I love the 4 way split they released on grind ethic "Vomiting Putrid blasphemy" The one nation under gore is great as well but personally I prefer "Vomiting Putrid blasphemy" Im looking forward to the next release as they have since gotten a shit hot guitarist so we should be hearing lots of guitar solos to metal up your asshole.

Steve, what moment (or event) from the whole ABADDON INCARNATE history you believe is most important?

Well of course it's the day we formed, we were young, optimistic and the future was exciting. 1994 or something like that. We laid the old band to rest and we felt great, we had some shitty guitars and amps, but we played some ripping live shows and we quickly made a name for ourselves here in Ireland. Awesome times.

Speaking about  the last Death Feast Open Air, you can remember our tents standing side by side and I recall these cute chicks you brought together. I've never thought before there are so hot girls in cold Ireland.

HAHA, some Irish girls are hot, some Irish girls are not. But Ive seen lots of Russian girls who are sexy. I think in a competition Russian Girls would win.

As we all know, Irishmen like to drink and fight (ha ha). So do Russians. What about you? Do you like to get smashed and fracture some skulls?

When I was young I used to get in fights a lot when I was drunk, but I got in trouble with the police but I value my freedom so now I don't get involved with drunken arguments. If someone tried to rob me or break in my house, of course Id kill them, I have ghurka knives, swords, Nunchukas all over the house but Im not interested in drunken arguments with drunk people. Pointless. I hate the police, so I keep out of trouble.

Do you have other hobbies besides music, booze, chicks and fights?

I don't booze or fight anymore and I my penis is dedicated to only one chick. Apart from the band I do Mountain Climbing, I love it.

Tell us about your side projects. Do you have enough time for them?

Steve Finnerty plays in Sarcosis, some kind of ultra brutal goregrind. Check em out http://www.myspace.com/sarcosisgrind. Latley he seems to be writing and recording on his computer and Johnny from abaddon Incarnate will be drumming so the result is going to be special and Im really looking forward to it. Also Johnny is also playing with Altar of Plauges http://www.myspace.com/altarofplagues They play some kind of post black metal thing which I do not understand at all but they are getting real big and have euro and US tours next summer. We are all accomplished black magicians and have sinister control over time and the universe so no, time is not an obstacle. Haha.

Share your Top-5 metal albums over last 2-3 years.

Nile - Those who the Gods detest,  Hellbastard - Need to Kill  I don't listen to any other new stuff.

What do you know about Russian extreme scene? Ever heard any band?

No, unfortunatly I have not, I only know IROND because they released Nadir for a Russian release. Tell me Papa Vader some good Russian Grind or death metal so I can check it out.

When we can expect your next album?

Hopefully 2011 we plan to hit the studio again this year.

Your message to the Russian fans of ABADDON INCARNATE.

Thank you for your continued support, we hope to see you next year at a show. So Russian promoters get in touch we want to play concerts in Russia, watch out for our next release.

All the best, bro! I hope to meet you at one of the Fests in Europe this summer. Good luck!

Good luck Papa Vader, Thank you for taking the time to write this long and interesting interview., Good luck with all your projects, see you soon.

Вопросы—Papa Vader


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