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Интервью с Intestinal Alien Reflux,

Shawn Stiles (vocals, guitar, drums)

Check out the latest interview with Shawn Stiles of INTESTINAL ALIEN REFLUX. This band smashed a lot of brains and asses last year, this intie does too: slam, cum, crimes and aliens are totally included !!

Shawn, it's Papa Vader. Glad to greet INTESTINAL ALIEN REFLUX from the name of Russian extreme Brutal Carnage web-zine. How do you feel, bro?

pretty fuckin good.

You cropped the seeds of evil about half year ago. Are you content with sprouts? How did world underground take your debut album?

well we had our demo out about 2 years ago and recored the cd early 08 but it took us a couple monthes to release it. were pretty happy with it. it was very rushed and i was just atarting out programing. our newer stuff is much more advanced.

Sound of "Exogenocide" has very row taste. But level of its brutality doesn't leave any doubts; it really rips death metal fans' asses. Was INTESTINAL ALIEN REFLUX content with quality of released disk?

we recorded it with brian forgue and he did a great job. we didnt really get it mastered though so it could have been better. were goin balls out on the next one.were recording with forgue again. we try really hard to keep true to the real guttural scene.we branch out but we keep it real

The idea to complete the set of the album by your old demo didn't inspire me much because of too sensible difference in sound level. What do you think about it?

well we had them and were trading with barrett of sevared and he really wanted to put them on there.we thought it would be cool to give people as much as possible

Tell us about your interaction with Sevared records. Did you sign the contract about releasing "Exogenocide" or it was just a verbal understanding? Do you plan to continue co-working with this label or you're going to look for another one?

we signed a contract. it was real cool to actually "get signed"so to speak. it had been amazing having sevared as our label. we were rtyin to keep it on the low but Barrett told he would release our next album and it will be out before the end of the year.

From one side you follow brutal traditions of violence; from another side you go your own alien way and other junk unintelligible for me. Shawn, explain the dualism of your concept.

we try to be as diffrent as we can.its not like were breaking the mold but we like to be weird and aliens are fun to right about.were still really violent people so it comes across

Shawn, you used to call sessional musicians for recording "Exogenocide" and playing gigs. Who are they and how noticeable is their creative contribution to common stock of INTESTINAL ALIEN REFLUX?

well first is our homboy jungle who has supported us from the begining and we had him throw some vocs down.my uncle did the guest solo cause hes been our mentor since we were kids. and forgue just threw some vocals down cause he such a sik basterd.

Are you going to stay like a duet or maybe you'll risk increasing a band line-up? Don't you have a wish to get rid of mechanical silly-drums?

were open but were also really picky. i dont ever see us getting anyone else. being a 2 piece and brothers helps a lot.

Your album cover differs from usual gore-appearance that is used by most of the underground bands. What will you say about it?

again everyone is doing gore and shit so we try to change it up. our next cd is even weirder

Sound of what bands did INTESTINAL ALIEN REFLUX take as a base at the beginning of its existence?

insideous of couse is huge. syphilic is also another huge one. i mean theres so many to name. guttural secrete, cemetery rapist, dripping, vomit remnants you know.

Can using a drum-machine be a logical reason to compare you with MORTICIAN? What's your attitude to this band?

i dont care mortician rocks. im not a huge fan but there big pioneers to the drum machine scene.

Shawn, how often do you have possibility to play live? Tell about most ace gigs you took part in? What bands were most pleasant to share stage with?

we try to play live as much as possible. we did a 5 day tour a month ago and it was insane. we played with inhuman d, short bus pile up, cemetery rapist, intracranial butchery and gutted out did 2 dates with us. we also played with syphilic a couple times.

How had you started your drag to extreme sounds? How often do you polish up your playing technique?

just always lookin for somethin heavier. im taking guitar much more serious. im taking lessons practising everyday. i found a new love for it learning theory and scales triads, chording it just opens up a lot. ive also started playing in standard tuning. again everyone is tuned down so far were probably the only slam band tuned to E

As long as I know, you both have side-projects. Can you tell me about it in details?

we are both in the same side project.i play drums and shane plays guitar.were still lookin for more members its hard in michigan we got like 3 songs so its comin along

What's your attitude to dope substances? What would you prefer - to put away a lot of booze or to get high?

weed. we are pot heads for life. i definately smoke more than i drink

Do you have a girlfriend or maybe you prefer to use whores' services?

i got a girlfriend who provides a whores service

Remember worst day of your life. Are you ready to repeat it once more?

no. i have made many mistakes but i usually  make it once

At "Exogenocide" booklet photo you're dressed in CRADLE OF FILTH t-shirt. Is it a joke? What about to dedicate couple of new INTESTINAL ALIEN REFLUX tracks to Horned Master?

i like a lot of shit.creulty and the beast is a fuckin rippin album and i dont care what ya say those guys got some talent.of course holmes

Shawn, whom did you vote for at last presidential election in USA?

fuck voting. voting is only a tool by the government that makes you think you make a diffrence. everyone was all crazy on obama but shit hasnt changed. cigeretts are still getting taxed, pot is illegal, unemployment rate in michigan is #1 in the country, fuck voting

Have you ever been in Europe? What about to visit Russia? Dude, fans here are just beast alike. I guarantee you wouldn't forget this session.

no im a multiple felon so its hard for me to leave the country

What will you do if Earth will run the risk of aggressive invasion by outer-space civilization? Will you meet green humanoids with open arms or will discharge a shot-gun into them?

well i think well breed with them and in time our diffrences will be forgotten

Remember please what CDs you bought during last weeks?

uh it wasnt last week but i got the new syphilic recently and its insane. and i got that inhuman d artery eruption split

Do you like your neighbours?

not really

Shawn, are there any tracks in "Exogenocide" based on your autobiographical recollections?

no next album. we tell a couple stories of our younger days

Why people should listen to "Exogenocide"?

thats a hard question. i dont know.

Your final words for Russian fans of INTESTINAL ALIEN REFLUX?

thanks for checkin us out and maybe someday we can come party with you guys

Thanks for wasting your time and answering my stupid questions. What will you do after?

smoke a joint and paly guitar and watch always sunny in philidelphia

Good luck, Shawn.

Вопросы—Papa Vader


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