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Gore for passion - not for fashion !!

Интервью с Holocausto Canibal,

Ze Pedro (bass)

Pedro, there are a lot of TV sets in design of "Visceral Massacre Memorabilia" and at band's myspace page as well. Is there something special about television in ideology of  HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL?  What's your attitude to brain shitting TV machine?

Holocausto Canibal usually pays homage to horror, b-movies, sexploitation, exploitation, giallo etc and the use of TV images is only due to that. Groups of friends or romantic couples who gather in the front of a normal tv, in a common familiar environment but instead of watching the 9 o'clock p.m. soap opera or sitcom prefer to watch horror or even snuff videos.

What are your current relations with Despise The Sun Records? Are you content with work that was done about your last compilation? It passed more than year since release date. Do you feel positive feedback from your fans?

Despise The Sun Records deal was meant only to re-release some sold out releases. Visceral Massacre Memorabilia basically consists on the re-edition of the 2 first albums: "Gonorreia Visceral [Visceral Gonorrhea]" and "Sublime Massacre Corpóreo [Sublime Corporeous Masacre]". The relation with the label is really cool and there is an idea to make a Visceral Memorabilia II with our other lost EP's, Splits etc.

I'm sure, this question is often asked, but anyway shed some light on connection of band's name and movie of the same name by Ruggero Deodato if there any connection. What's your attitude to Italian, Spanish and domestic horror movies from eighties at all?

Of course! Our name is inspired in the Italian cult movie Holocausto Canibal! Maybe it was our way of paying homage to this cult movie. We're still satisfied with this name and we'll never change it! Cannibal Holocaust have a very special natural feeling that make the terror aesthetics contained in it to be in pure and most horrific form, where we don't know exactly if the reality really ends and the fiction really begins. Concerning other movies... Guinea Pig series, Nekromantik 1 and 2, Schcramm, Mein Papi, Bad Taste, Braindead, Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, Buio Omega, Rosemary's Baby, Cannibal Ferox, Colour Me Blood Red, Torso, Organ, Faces of Death shockumentary series, Re-Animator... to name a few, and all the horror, serie-b films aesthethics also influenced us a lot.

During your concert activity you played at numerous fests and shared stage with lots of legendary gore bands. Tell about your most grinding recollections about that live experience. Who you'd like to play with again and to pass some drinks with?

We spent great moments with many great bands so it's really hard to remember the best ones or elaborate a Top Metal Moments. It was somehow special to have the chance of get drunk with Miesko Talarczyk [Nasum / Necrony] and that's something that unfortunately won't happen again. We had memorable moments with Mortician, Obituary, Master, General Surgery, Dead Infection, Immortal, Deicide only to name a few.

Pedro, duration of your gore grind Portuguese act is more than eleven years if I'm correct. And since that band's lyrics had same good old theme. What inspire HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL for all this grinding madness?

I will start for the very beginning... my gory childhood.

When I was a little boy I liked to gently mutilate spiders, cutting their legs one by one, and after that immolate them with a zippo [lighter] and a deodorant spray, I had great moments of joy and happiness doing that kind of stuff... and since then my tiny little innocent mind got worse and worse until I reach my actual sick psychopath status.

My first gore experience occurred when I was 5 years old and I saw a fat girl being hit by a train near my hometown... there was blood and bowels everywhere and she was completely dismembered. I don't know if it also counts as gore happening...but when I was 6, I also puked in a crowded pool.

Some years later I felt an extreme need to finally form a band Like Holocausto Canibal to exorcize my childhood demons and try to impress kinky girls at underground gigs.

Our intentions as a band have always been the same... sheer ultimate brutality without compromising originality and this continues to be our main priority.

Release "Visceral Massacre Memorabilia" by HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL is kinda Romantic Collection edition. How did you choose songs for this massive summary? Were all band members involved into selection?

As I previously told, this was basically a need we felt due to the huge fans demand in order to purchase some past sold out items. So the selection was really simple, all the sold out stuff was possible to include on this re-edition. I think the lay-out is simply awesome! We decided to make a more retro, vintage approach and mix that old aesthetic with our usual gore vein. The audio was also improved with a re-master.

Next question doesn't let me sleep at nights. Where do you get material for your inexpressible intros? Is it some movie cuts or you have such a hot girl to record it for you? (Hey, if so can I get her phone number, hehe?)

The intros are mainly created by us. Sometimes using some extracted samples from cult horror movies that we partially mutilate and add other sound effects. Girls moaning are always genuine orgasms and sounds are recorded in action! To tell the truth we have a huge queue of moaning girl candidates for future intros.

When you listen to your early albums don't you feel a strong wish to rewrite it all again, to release it in some else way, to change something?

Sometimes we re-record songs from our first album. Almost every release has included a re-recorded song of "Gonorreia Visceral [Visceral Gonorrhea]" as bonus. Maybe is an desperate urge to prove ourselves that the songs were in fact amazing but the filthy production didn't permit to appreciate all the beauty of the recorded musical lines ahah. Some days after record something...maybe we would change few things already...I think it's normal to think this way. But the past is already an "undergrind" legacy so it must remain intact!

Does Ivan already get back to track? How often do you have to use session musicians and do they bring some creative ideas to HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL music?

Yes Ivan is spreading drum blasting madness again, more furious and faster than never. In fact the need of using a session musician is very rare. The more often replacement was for the drums position, due to Ivan's unstable health condition during the past 2 years. The fill in drummer is usually Diogo A. that also plays with me in Fetal Incest and the only "creative ideas" he brings are massive farting sessions.

Whose idea was to make a split with MIXOMATOSIS? And what do you about musical activity of those hot Spaniards?

I think that the original "Morbosa Carnosidade Putrefacta" Split-CD idea came from u.s. label Deus Mortuus Productions. But both bands were already familiar with each other activities. We already played with Mixomatosis 2 times [Valladolid - Spain, at Brutologos Fest with: Haemorrhage + Fetal Incest...] and at Caos Emergente 2007 [Paredes - Portugal with: Benediction, Belphegor, Melechesh, Aborted etc]. Mixomatosis are really cool guys and achieved a grind legend status, with intense hard work. We're looking forward to play with them again whenever possible!

There goes more personal question now, Pedro. Do you often go to gigs just like usual visitor and do you watch on the success of your "brothers" by underground stage?

Yes I do, as well as the other Holocausto Canibal members. You can always find us in massive drinking sessions in underground gigs. Some band members might feel that they're somehow more special than the common underground supporters and they only attend to the shows their own band is playing...that is a complete stupidity. Nowadays almost everyone rehearses with a band...if everyone thinks this way...underground shows will be empty in a near future.

Do you believe you still have something new to open in music? And do you feel excited about new stuff when you go to gig with young unknown bands?

Almost everything was created and invented long time ago, but from time to time I'm still being surprised by some refreshing musical approaches. I'm very open-minded and I listen to almost every kind of music so I think it's easier for me to discover new musical structures and innovative band performances than a person who only listens 24/7 to gore grind.

Remember your early first rehearsal of HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL. What have you been thinking then? That it's gonna be lifelong project or you just had fun there? Had you imaged your CDs in the music shops or you just wanted to express yourself?

Our only aim back them was to catch the attention of girls wearing Scorpions girlies and leather mini skirts. Needless to say that this main purpose didn't change too much nowadays!

But we always thought about audio-terrify the neighbors of our rehearsal room, playing live and record a tape or some splits with cool disgusting covers.

Whatcha think, could your grandma tell everyone with proud that her grandchild plays porngrind?

I strongly believe yes! Ahah

I think none of our relatives saw a live holocaust... I can't say that our families support us in an active way but they respect our interests and that point is really important.

What are next HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL plans? Are you gonna run around the world with gigs or will lock in the studio to record new stuff?

We can't stay locked in the studio for much time. We are much more a live band than a studio band. We are finishing the composition process of our 4th full length, the first to be release through our new label, to announce in a near future. We'll have to be closed for some days / weeks...that's right, but only the strictly necessary time!

As always, HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL are looking for places to spread their sound live, labels to re-release our stuff, as well as possible bands interested in releasing some splits... So if you are interested or know someone who is, get in touch with us! For further information about HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL we suggest our gorefficial site www.holocaustocanibal.com or our myspace www.myspace.com/holocausto, where you can find totally dissected to the most recondite entrails all the complex paraphernalia concerning the band. GRIND ON!



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