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Интервью с Corpsefucking Art,

Andrea Cipolla (guitar)

Andrea Cipolla, mastermind of italian band CORPSEFUCKING ART, was very quick answering my questions, but his answers are shorter than dick of newborn boy. Well, that's it — check below...

Hi there, Andrea. Greetings from Brutal Carnage web-zine and all your Russian fans. How are you, bro? You showed perfect efficiency agreeing on interview after couple of hours after my request. Do you often run online?

Hi, Vader! Good. I often work online because of my own label, so it's easy to be answered in a short time.

How often have you grant an interview? Had you had an experience of communication with Russian magazines?

I granted various interviews in these years. Lately, I gave an interview to Fatal Forum Mag, you surely know.

What can you tell about studio session of the “Zombiefuck” release to be hot on the trail? Are you content with its results?

”Zombiefuck” has been registered in three different studios because of the new line up's members coming from disparate parts of Italy. It has been quite difficult to compound all the parts, but I'm satisfied with the results. I meant to do an album with old school elements reinterpreted in a modern-looking way and obviously in CFA style.

How did your fans take your new album? Are you satisfied with a critics’ reaction at it? What about world underground response? Is it appreciable?

”Zombiefuck” is having a great appreciation. The fans think it's the best album ever by consent. The underground world response concerning the new tracks is very positive.

What can you say about your new label activity? What reasons made you leave the Goregiastic label and join the Sevared records side? How many albums does your current contract contemplate?

Sevared records is the most active label of the underground world. The change is not due to particular reasons, Sevared proposed a very good contract and we accepted. CFA always sign a contract only for one album because I don't like to be tied up.

I guess you havn’t a clue, but your CDs are very successful in Russia, and people buy out “Zombiefuck” edition by preorder long before disks itself come to distribution. Thanks to Sevared records which is in powerful partnership with leading Russian labels. Do you like such state of affairs? And is it possible to order CORPSEFUCKING ART merch straight from band?

Russia is a great country! This is a very good piece of news! I think I know any partners. One of these must be Coyote records. It's cool to see your cds sold all around the world. So, these co-productions are welcome! I have to publish with my own label Despise The Sun Records (www.despisethesunrecords.too.it / www.myspace.com/despisethesunrecords) one album together with Sevared. It's possible to order our merchandising straight from me at the address (corpsefart@libero.it).

“Zombiefuck” album is much more brutal and technical in comparison with its precursors. I bet the new members of CORPSEFUCKING ART took part in such upgrade, right?

The new line-up is the best ever. The members are friends who live on music and above all on death metal like me.

As well as I understand, you are the main functional organ in the CORPSEFUCKING ART organism. And you provide its full life activity. Can you comment it?

It's right. I look after all the things, from the music writing to the live setting and the graphics. But it's not a burden when you love the things you do.

How had CORPSEFUCKING ART started contribution with Chris Moyen? This guy made really cool covers for your releases. Tell me more about this and don’t forget to mention which album cover is your absolute favorite amongst your band cover-art?

Chris is a great friend, I got in touch with him for "A Puzzle Of Flesh" artwork because I was impressed by his first works, above all by Incantation's first artwork. At the age he required me 20$, he almost wanted to give me the work as a gift. He's really a great person! By now he's a CFA trademark, the man of our artwork, more well-known as Mr. Daisy. the best Cfa artwork remains the "A Puzzle Of Flesh" one.

Andrea, your band makes an impression of buffoons, which are ready to laugh at everything – from Winnie the Pooh to Glen Benton, ha ha. How do you generate all those crazy ideas? What’s your muse, your inspiration, hah?

I love to entertain and above all have fun. Irony is very important to Cfa. These crazy ideas come unexpectedly, they fall on my head and I pick up them. I cried for the belly laughs while I was writing "No Woman No Grind" lyrics. It's always very funny to think up exhilarating things.

Some of CORPSEFUCKING ART band members have time to bang in some other bands at the same time. Are you ready to play on two fronts yourself? Or maybe you have negative attitude to such spreading of the creative potential?

I always had side-projects in the course of CFA's career. I experienced a lot. At the present time I have another project called Bomberos, a tribute parody to Mortician, a band that influenced me very much. (www.bomberos.altervista.org / www.myspace.com/bomberosmargheritas)

And here is one of my priority questions: are you ready to tell the whole truth about permanent hero of your covers – freaking mister Daisy and all his home pets (grandma, Scooby Doo and warlike toilet gears)? Isn’t this character your possible alter-ego, hm?

It's correct. The artwork's various rooms, the toilet, the kitchen, the painting room are pictures from my real house, too. Even the toothbrush is the same that washes my theeth every morning.

What’s CORPSEFUCKING ART’s current state about gigs? Have you had a possibility to tour with “Zombiefuck” stuff alive? How often do you grind the stage? And do you manage to draw concert route beyond the native “boot” (means out of Italy)?

We did several dates to promote the album, one of these in Holland together with Sinister and other bands, very funny! But for now we did'nt yet a tour for Zombiefuck, We're organizing. Maybe we'll come to Russia!

CORPSEFUCKING ART isn’t a rookie of the UG world. You have about fifteen years of active creative work under your belt. Can you be called as veterans of Italian metal stage?

I think so.

Andrea, what are you into in the usual life? How do you combine musician’s status with your main social role? Btw, dude, is there an influence of the financial crisis in your life? Hope, you shouldn’t cut down your daily needs, hah?

As I spoke before, I'm a label manager and I look after my label Despise The Sun Records. My activities are all pertaining to music and I manage to look after all my projects without big problems, fortunately.

Web-piracy grows worldwide now. It lets musician to bring his music to maximal quantity of listeners from one side, but from another side – it damages labels’ sale statistics about official CDs. What side is closer to you?

I rally obviously in support to the labels. every good thing has its negative sides, it's inevitable. I have a large cds' collection and I download music only to understand if it's a cd to buy or not, but not all the people love truly music.

Due to CORPSEFUCKING ART promotion you have to communicate with lots of humans all over the world. Don’t you get fuckin’ tired because of hundreds of stupid and monotonous questions? How numerous are those requests?

Yeah, it's very tiring talking with so many people and the stupid questions are very numerous. But I'm glad to see that many people love my music and that somehow I scarred their life.

Beside of full-length albums CORPSEFUCKING ART had some time to keep coming out few splits. Are you pleased with such cooperation and would you like to keep repeating it for future? What bands would you like to cooperate with?

I don't like split ambums particularly, so I don't think we'll do another for now.

I’ll venture to suppose that metal-magazines’ journalists didn’t always regard CORPSEFUCKING ART with favour. What’s your reaction on negative reviews in mass-media about your creativity?

The reviews are always positive luckily. But I wouldn't worry about some negative opinions, because artistic predilections are always subjective, only nature is a perfect art.

Ok, Andrea. Hope my questions didn’t tire you too much. Thanks for your attention to Brutal Carnage. What about your final words for Russian fans of CORPSEFUCKING ART?

Thanks for the attention and the big support from Russia. Mr. Daisy will surely come to your country to kidnap some models for his pictures.

Good luck, man! Wish you success and wait for tones of new releases from your band in the future.

Ciao – kakao!

Вопросы—Papa Vader


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